Construction, development and real estate services are synonymous in an industry that is fast paced, competitive and constantly evolving.  Rice Companies prides itself on being an experienced, innovative and progressive company so it was only a natural fit to expand our resources to provide professional and cutting edge commercial real estate services to our current and future clients.

Rice Real Estate Services provides full service real estate services including sales, leasing and development.  We will effectively help you dispose of or acquire new property by providing in-depth market knowledge, comprehensive financial review and other strategies which coincide with your short and long term goals.

What makes us different is our 60+ years of experience in development and construction.  Our team knows what our clients look for in their real estate needs and we understand the entire development process from site selection through municipal approvals to development, construction and beyond.

We also understand how important communication is in today’s real estate and business environment.  Our process includes unique tools and communication methods keeping our clients involved in the process from the start.

In addition to our professional and knowledgeable services, Rice Real Estate’s mission is to ensure that each client is treated special.  It is our focus to provide a level of service that exceeds expectations and industry standards.  We believe that communication is an essential component to this process and we make it a priority to keep our clients informed on market conditions, trends, activity and other factors which impact your goals.

Let the Rice Real Estate Services team show you how we are redefining the Commercial Real Estate experience.  Contact us today.